Sunday, December 4, 2011

Discover Dive December 4

I had the chance to bring some of my friends for another discover diving program. Some of those who joined were participants of our Basic Life Support and ACLS seminar program in Nurselink Review Center in Cebu.

We were able to start with the activity by 10 in the morning. Prior to the discover diving, a briefing was conducted by our dive masters followed by the application of the basic skills. We did these in front of Cebu Beach Club.

After the basic skills introduction, we then cross towards Olango Island and anchored in Talima Sanctuary for the discover dive. It was indeed anther fun experience most especially for the first time divers.
Well, for us, it was another diving experience and once again, looking forward for another chance to dive again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Dive With Johnny...

Its been quite a while since I have not dived. I missed the sea as well as the fishes and beauty underneath. But just recently, a friend of mine arrived from the states and I wanted to treat him out so he can feel for himself how it is to dive...

I brought him to our usual diving hangout, Tonggo Beach in Marigondon where we meet with diving buddy Yoyon. Everything is set and in a couple of seconds, John is all suit up for the dive.

Of course before going under water, he has to familiarize himself with some basic skills and what can I say, he is a fast learner. From there, down we go and Johnny was moving skillfully. Perhaps the only thing that needs adjustment is his bouyancy. I think with just one more dive, he will be maneuvering like a fish...

Well, by the next time you see another post here about Johnny, it will be the time where he will be taking his diving license....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Discover Diving Program

One of our discover diving participant during the discover diving program (June 2, 2011)

Hi guys, it has been a while since I have not updated this blog. I have been very busy conducting trainings and have been out of Cebu most of the time. Gladly, some of our dive masters were available to accommodate this discover diving request.

Perhaps I will also explain to you our Discover Diving Program as I show you pictures of our latest diving activity.

Our Discover Diving Program is open to any individuals 14 years old and above. A minimum of 12 participants are needed to come up with a dive session. We need 12 participants to come up with a lower rate since most discover diving programs are quite expensive. All in all, our total charge per head is only 1100 pesos inclusive of the diving gears, boat, as well as food and drinks.

The whole activity usually starts at 9 am and ends up at 5 pm. Here is a rundown of the program.briefing before the dive

It starts with a short briefing in the boat. The dive master will introduce the basics of diving as well as the different hand signals during the dive. After the briefing, we then divide the participants into 3-4 groups and bring them in the water for an introduction and application of the basic diving skills. After the basic skills are thought, we now move them to a deeper area to move around so that they can adjust their buoyancy. Lunch will be served after this and after lunch, the discover dive begins.....

basic diving skills orientation

buoyancy and familiarization

Discover Dive...... try it yourself, I'm sure that you will surely discover that there is more to see underwater as compared to what you see above the water... Oh, I failed to mention that we take pictures of your dive.. similar to what you see below......

Visit our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE... CLICK HERE or join our BLS DIVING GROUP. you can send us a message from there.